There are many educational opportunities for Adults at Christ Church.  Bible studies that focus on various books of the Bible; Groups that use current books or videos to guide the discussion; Classes that  help organize your finances, expand your mind and exercise your body.  There is a class or discussion group for you!   The Sunday and Weekday opportunities are listed below. 

Lay Servant Class:  On Friday-Saturday, March 27 & 28, we are holding a UM Lay Servant Ministry class.  This is open to anyone who would like to understand more about your personal gifts and where you can serve in leadership in the church.  It’s an excellent, empowering experience—and it will definitely help you find YOUR way of serving and working for Jesus Christ.   This class will also help prepare you for designing and leading worship services, which will be a huge help to Pastor Jean after Pastor Pat moves to his new church. Click here for the registration form for the Lay Servant Class.


For additional information about any of the classes, contact Vanitta Conrad, Director of Christian Education at Email or at 801-486-5473 ext 12.

Sunday Mornings:

Life and Times Class-  The class is continuing to study: Comparative Religionwhich offers you an opportunity to gain a solid grasp of the key ideas of religion itself—the issues that repeatedly surface when you look at any faith's beliefs, practices, and organization. Using five major religions—Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism—as illustrations of how religions can address the same core issues in parallel and different ways, award-winning Professor Charles Kimball of the University of Oklahoma leads you on an exploration of religion's complex and multidimensional nature. 

Room 101 at 9:00 am.

Teacher and Discussion Leader:  Dr. David Hoeppner - Email or (801) 674-7962.  


Bible Exploration - Join us as we study That the World May Know – a video Bible study set in the holy land.  Our current set of lessons will be on With All Your Heart.  Do you remember where your blessings come from?  In Exodus, God warned Israel to remember him when they left the dry desert and reached the fertile fields of the Promised Land. Discover how quickly the Israelites forgot God and began to rely on themselves.  Follow Ray Vander Laan on location in the Middle East as he details a fascinating six-part story.

Room 207 at 9:00 am.

Facilitator: Paul Conrad (801) 278-0096


Wesleyan Class We will be hosting "Teaching through TED Talks".  Each week this Fall, Wesleyan class members will select TED Talk speakers on a variety of religious and social subjects to share with the class and discuss.   All church members are invited to attend and participate.

Parlor at 9 a.m. 

Teacher and Discussion Leader: Jay Vestal (801) 277-1156


Sunday Evenings:

Spirits & Spirituality –   

A monthly gathering for men where we discuss current topics, have guest speakers or visit interesting places.  Watch here for information about each month's activity.  Friends are welcome.  
 Contacts are:  Chuck Williams, 801-661-3528, or Email or Paul Conrad 801-278-0096, or Email.


Weekday Classes:

Bagel Boys – Enjoy great conversation about men’s faith journeys over bagels and coffee.  (Wednesday mornings in the Parlor @ 7:30 am.)


Wednesday Morning Study Group Our current study is on the book of First Thessalonians. This will be the beginning of our study of Paul's letters.  Please bring your Bible.  (Wednesday mornings in the Parlor @ 9:30 am)  All are welcome.  

 Facilitator: Kitty Borrowman  


Yoga – Refresh your body, mind and spirit. 

(Thursdays at 4:30 – Room 201)

Facilitator: Nancy Bockelie, email.