Church Staff

Sharon Balch, Communications Coordinator,

Kitty Borrowman, Parish Visitor & Stephens' Ministry Leader,

Justin Cash, Wesley Bell Ringer Director

Vanitta Conrad, Director of Christian Education, Financial Secretary,

Ed Duncan, Music Director, Organist, Pianist, Director of apPraiseation Adult Bell Choir

Barb Jolley, Childcare Coordinator,

Maxine Jones, Bookkeeper,

Rick McClure, Worship Musician

Chuck Mittelstadt,  Electronic Systems,

Vea Ofa, Facilities Manager

Marcy Rigstad, Director of Discovery Place Preschool of Christ Church,

Jeanmarie Shingleton, Office Manager,

Alicia Simons, Chorister Director,

Tony Slinger, Director of Asbury Bell Choir, Email

Ron Stricklett, Church Treasurer

Austin Thorpe, Chancel Choir Director, Email